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GALLERY Making the best of it…

This client has had a new bathroom suite fitted by another tradesman and was unhappy with the way the tiles fitted behind the new toilet and basin. She didn’t want the upheaval or expence of having the whole bathroom re-tiled and knew that she wouldn’t be able to get new tiles that matched.

A very quick and cost effective solution was to replace the tiles behind the basin and toilet with something completely different to tiles, tongue and groove plastic cladding was suggested. Much better than miss-matched tiles I think you’ll agree?

In this bathroom the grout between the tiles has failed, water has been getting through to the wall behind and running into the kitchen below. The landlord of the property asked for a cost effective solution and again matching tiles were no longer available.

The effected tiles had to be removed very carefully and cleaned up ready for re-use. The plaster behind the tiles had to be taken right back to the blocks behind.

Once the plasterboard had been replaced, the cleaned up tiles could be re-fixed and grouted and finally the bath re-sealed.

The kitchen ceiling below just needed stain-block and to be re-painted.